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Raven and Gunner litter of Sept 10 2022

This litter is out of Blueberry and Lord Grantham.  They were born October 13th in Conway SC.


Apricot Male –  Sold



Brindle Female  – Sold



Fawn Male  – Sold

Raven of the Darkwoods

Raven is the best mother I have ever seen, she loves her puppies and takes great care of them.  She is the daughter of Judge and Callie. She is a beautiful dark brindle color, with the apricot base.  She loves attention and is always at our feet, she will not go anywhere out of site, except to the pond to watch Gunner play in the water, and she will jump in once in a while.  She is the sweetest and happiest girl I know.  She loves to sneak behind the recliner and lick your ear if you are reclined back. ….Kim

  Raven  2 years 172 lbs.

Grantham and Sibby


Puppies make everything better!!!

Our last litter can bee seen on our past puppies page.

Our Puppies are normally $3500

Fawn female –Sold

Fawn male –Sold

  Apricot Female – Sold

 Apricot male – Sold


Litter of 2-24-20 Bayou Clyde x Mildred of Clearwater.

We had Fawn, Apricot, and Brindle pups in this litter.

Dame is brindle partner female “Millie” 

Partner Sire is “Clyde”

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Fawn Male…Sold



 Fawn Male …….Sold


Fawn Male…Sold



Fawn Male…Sold



 Brindle Male……..Sold


Apricot Female…..Sold



   Fawn Female …. Sold

  Fawn Female…Sold



“Pink” …Brindle Female ….Sold



  Brindle Female… Sold



  Brindle Female …. Sold




I’ll be the “Judge” – Brindle  X   Outlaw “Josie” Wales – Fawn …

 Brindle female, Athena – Sold