Over the years we have added some helpful facilities to aid in the raising of our mastiff litters.  We have plenty of room for our mastiffs to move about.  One of the most helpful aspects is the property we live on.  We have two ponds (Hence the name) where the dogs are able to wade and cool off during the hot summer months.

Our Kennels are large and roomy enough for our giant breed dogs.

Our double breeding pen is perfect to keep a breeding pair in close proximity but only allow them together under supervised conditions.

The Puppy House is where all the fun happens.  We have a heated two room puppy house that is warm and dry.  We handle everything from the whelping to raising the the pups here.  The fenced back yard of the puppy house is a safe environment for the pups to play and begin the process of house breaking.  Many of our clients have remarked on how our 7-8 week old pups are well on their way to being house broken.  This comfortable environment with whelping box,  medical area, wood stove, closed circuit TV security system, allows us to give 24 hour round the clock attention to the pups in the critical first two weeks.

Our adult Mastiffs usually have the run of our farm but rarely go out of site of our house.  Sometimes at night they enjoy their corral with nearly 1 acre fenced for their protection.

All of our puppies are Veterinarian checked and cleared.