About Two Ponds Mastiffs

We are Niki and Gary Sayre located in the upstate of South Carolina near Spartanburg.  We have been loving and raising Mastiffs in SC for over 25 years.  Prior to mastiffs, Gary raised & trained hunting Labrador Retrievers for many years.

Here at Two Ponds Mastiffs our goal is to provide the healthiest, happiest, most well socialized Old English Mastiff Puppies.  We raise a limited number of puppies but our quality and track record has been great for many years. (see our testimonial page) Our dogs are a part of our family and each puppy is individually raised with a hands on approach from the moment they arrive until they join your family.

Our facilities, located on our families 150 acre farm, is well suited to the requirements for raising these gentle giants.  As you tour our site, we invite you to view our sire and dames.   As you do, notice our impressive bloodlines as 14 generations of unbroken champions, yes 41 champions in the past 5 generations, were represented by our foundation stud Two Ponds General Beauregard.  Over the years and generations since, we have kept this solid foundation in our bloodlines and have selectively added to our base from solid bloodlines from Arkansas, Louisiana, and even outside the United States with European champions from Hungary.

The focus for our breeding program is not just on size, but several other key traits.  We strive for a solid and complete black mask and ears, a smooth and long top line adding to the overall length of our dogs. Also a handsome gait with fluid movement is a must for our breeding Mastiffs.  We always strive to have the proper bite, muzzle shape, amount of wrinkles, proper limited amount of white patch, and good coat and feet.  One of our signature focuses is on the awesome head shape particularly in our males that sets us apart from so many other breeders.

Feel free to contact us, and if we can help you in your quest for a new mastiff puppy we will.  However, if just some honest answers to questions about the mastiff breed is all you need right now we would be happy to help in that regard also.  We follow the breeding recommendations of the guidelines set forth by the Mastiff Club of America.  Although we do not show anymore, many of our pups are considered “show quality” and we have had puppies to do very well in the ring.  We have kept our prices in the affordable range for most families because we know most folks just want a healthy impressive family pet.  We have been honored to have many repeat customers over the years.  See our testimonials page for more information strait from our puppy families.