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We wanted to give you an update on Samson (Hank).  He has been a wonderful addition to our family.  He is super sweet and a quick learner.  At almost 6 months old, he is 100 pounds and growing. He is well loved and he loves his boys.  He is so good with both of them! He is still not sure of other dogs, but he will figure that out soon enough. I have attached several pics of him.

Thank you,the Rop Family

We bought our sweet girl Millie from you a year ago.   Her Birthday is here & we want to celebrate it a little bit!  She is very sweet tempered and is a big baby, lapdog. She loves squeaky toys and still loves to chew on things. She is very talented at being able to untie Kong toy knots and getting the squeakers out of toys.
She is our precious love. She waits for my husband at the door like the pictures show. She is smart, full of energy, but never happier than if she is laying on top of some part of our body. She loves to sleep in our bed.   She is like a person, putting her head on the pillow.
She has found her bark and will use it to act protectively, but is a little bit of a scardy cat. 😀 she doesn’t really know her size.
She is a wonderful dog and we are so happy she is ours to love and enjoy.
Kathy and Forrest

Hi! We adopted one of your mastiff pups, “Virgil”, from a litter in The summer of 2015. He is a wonderful dog! He jumps at his own shadow but he brings much joy to our family. 🙂


Just thought I’d give u an update on Millie. She graduated obedience, now on to training for therapy/service dog. She is awesome and soooo athletic. I can’t get over that part! When she isn’t “working” she is a lunatic! Once her work collar is on she is quite the calm angel!! She is amazing. I’ll send u a couple pics.

Just wanted to send an email and let you know how things are going. We have named sweet Dolly, Gigi. We had her first check up yesterday and she is in great health.
It has been so fun having a puppy in the house and seeing her get comfortable and settled in. She is starting to show her personality (and yes, she is quite outgoing as you mentioned) and we are so excited to watch her grow. She is doing wonderful with potty training and loves to play with the kids and to snuggle with my husband and myself.
She has our heart! We will certainly keep in touch and let you know how she is doing.
Thank you for all your family’s time and effort in raising these sweet babies.



I could send so many photos of our Congo over the years. He has been the best dog in the world! He is such a loyal, loving, happy, laid back dog. He will be eight this year. Both of our boys have grown up with Congo. Even when the kids were babies, he was so protective, gentle, and sweet with both of them. He would follow them around from when they were crawling, to now running!

We would sometimes call him our gentle giant. He has befriended our outdoor cats, and even a pig we brought home. Words can’t express how much we love this big guy! Thank you so much for providing us with such an amazing addition to our family. We look forward to the day we can get two more puppies and name one of them Congo the second.

Wyatt and Michelle




Hey Gary,
I thought you might enjoy these pictures of Lloyd (Obi Wan). We couldn’t be more happy with our purchase of Lloyd. He is hands down the best dog we have ever owned even considering all the slobber. We can’t thank you enough for providing us a wonderful dog.


Callie is growing up. She is such a sweet lovable girl. Though she wasn’t too happy that Ron sat in the front seat and not in the back with her. We absolutely love her 😉



Hi Gary

Hope you are doing great. I just wanted to give you an update on Odie and thank you for giving us such a lovely dog. He has grown up to  be a handsome six month old puppy and is around 110 lbs as of November 2016. His temperament is calm, thoughtful, well-mannered,  very laid back, and socializes well with other dogs and neighbors. He has well-adjusted to the family and they love him a lot except when he starts chewing the furniture, toys, their dresses and anything he gets to bite on – lol. He is very obedient as he is getting trained well by us and his trainer. Our goal for him is to get him to be a Canine Good Citizen certified as my daughter wants to take him to her elementary school so that her friends can read books to him.

Attached are some pictures of him. Once again thanks for giving us such a lovely dog and keep up the great work on producing pure breed mastiffs.

Vijay and family



My son named him Jake. He is around 35lbs and seems to be doing well. He has his 2nd vet appt next Tuesday. House breaking has been tough but he seems to be getting it now. He’s teething so he wants to eat every one and every thing (mostly me). He loves to chase my son Gage and Gage is a runner so they play well together. He does not like to go outside :o) For the first few weeks I had to pick him up and carry him out but now I just get behind him and push! I’m hoping it’s just the heat and he will be more energetic when the cooler weather comes. He is very lazy! But again I think that will change when the weather does. I love him and I think he will be a great dog. We haven’t had a puppy in many years and it’s much like having a newborn! We still get up a couple of times during the night when he cries. He still has accidents now and then. I just have to really keep my eye on him for now because he doesn’t go to the door on this own. He gobbles his food in like 10 seconds and a couple of times he has thrown it right back up. So I bought him one of those bowls with the design/maze to slow him down and it works great. It was pretty entertaining to watch him with the bowl the first time.  So anyway, I hope you enjoying the pictures! Let me know if you have trouble viewing them.

Thanks, Linda

Hi Chip, Just thought I’d send a message as today is Magnus’ 8th birthday. He was part of Beau and Lucina’s litter and was the last to be picked up. I saw that Beau had passed away a couple years ago, but hope Lucy is still with you.   Magnus is still my world and the absolute best companion I could ever dream of. We live in Santa Cruz, CA now and enjoy the beach and time on the porch. He’s starting to slow down, but his mind is still there so we’ve accommodated by buying him a wagon and his own twin bed to sleep on.   I hope he lives several more years as I can’t imagine my life without him!    Thank you again for such a wonderful dog. Attached are photos. Sarah


Hello! My name is Camila, 7 years ago my family purchased Rosalie from you. She’s a massive, healthy girl with no problems whatsoever and we’re very happy to have her! We are currently looking for a quality hunting dog, a Labrador Retriever. We know that you used to breed labs before you began breeding mastiffs, and we were wondering if…………………

Hello Gary, I bought a puppy from you last September. You called him Yoda/yellow collar.

When I took him to the vet recently he was up to about 160 lbs and I remember you telling me his dad was about 180 at 18 months and he is not even a year old yet. He is growing beautifully but fast….just wondering what I am in for. 🙂

He is dong great.  Attached is a picture, his name is Kash and he is spoiled rotten!  Thanks and I will send more pictures.


Libby Jo… born July 6 2015 … We got her in November of 2015 … She was about 30 pounds all legs and lots of sugar. We got home and she fit right in with Vannah another mastiff and Molly a Boarder collie. She soon had a vet visit, the vet said she was perfect, I already knew that but she still had to have her check up. She is very loving, great personality, typical sitting on your feet and trying to get in your lap as if she was 5 pounds. I was weighing her weekly until I could no longer pick her up at 80 pounds. We estimate today her at about 130. Her head is absolutely perfect the way she stands you would think she was a male ….. But she is not …. She is our little girl … Thanks 2pk we love her Aleshia

Gary, Georges is Well!!!! Loves riding around town with his big sisters.  His weight is good and he is eating very well. He seems very clever, sharper than our previous English mastiff for sure.  Keen to sit, stay, lay using the ramp for stairs Very good dog indeed.  He has a black ring around his tail not sure if that is in the bloodline or if he will grow out of that, but a definitive trait for sure.  Feel free to use any of these pictures you want on your website.  Thank you and God Bless, Ted


Gary, Charlie is doing great. Found her voice yesterday. Barks at the cats n my daughters dog. Too funny.  She is great. I sent you a pic today.  I’ll send more as she is growing.  Awesome.


, Here are some 3 month pics. He is now a little over 40 lbs. we just adore him. He still has accidents when he is in the kitchen, ( we have a tall pet gate at that door), trying to work on that. But he loves us TONS!!!! He loves laying at my feet as I cook and TRY to walk around in the kitchen, lol, he loves to lay next to the dishwasher as it runs, ( so i made him a bed there), he loves to chew on my dresses and clothes when I’m anywhere near him, he loves to use my arms as a major chew toy! Lol! He LOVES to EAT!!!!!! camps out in between his water bowl and food bowl usually an hr before feeding time, he loves to lay on the upper deck on the love seat and nap while it rains, he loves to LAY in the rain, he hates thunder and lightening, he loves to lay by the pool, he loves to lay in the grass RIGHT where the river water begins…( he just sinks in), he loves to push and chase and chew to death an empty milk jug (clean of course), ETC! We are so thankful he is with us!❤ Holly



Hi Gary! Just wanted to drop you an update on Honeybee (Ally). She couldn’t be more perfect for our family! Sweet, calm and absolutely amazing with our kids! I was a little nervous about having three young children and a puppy, but so far it’s been a breeze thanks to her sweet personality. She’s smart, eager to please and already a member of our family! Thank you for bringing her into our lives!!!   The kids adore her, I’ll try to get the four of them to sit still together for a picture  🙂  I’ve really never seen such a tolerant, docile puppy in my entire life. She not only puts up with everything, she really loves them! She and our one year old are like peas in a pod – this morning the baby was pulling Tupperware out of the cabinet and handing it to Honeybee, who was piling it up on the floor while the baby laughed and laughed. It was HILARIOUS! And she and the older kids play chase all over the house. She’s so gentle with them, it’s amazing. We can’t thank you enough! Best, Ginny

Hi Chip, I wanted to give you an update on Zeus (A.K.A. Doc). He has adapted well to his new home. He loves his sister Abby (black lab) and brother Petro (our cat) His favorite activities are playing in the yard, sleeping and eating. He had his first trip to the beach and he loved the sand. Zeus continues to grow daily.  We can’t thank your family enough for providing us with such an awesome family member. I’ve tried to send pictures but I don’t think they are going through the email. We will keep in touch! Take care, Beckie and Terry Gary, I wanted to touch base and let you know that Kingston (Virgil) is doing great! He traveled well on the way to his new home and has adjusted quite well. He was a bit curious about his feline sister initially but has been trying to get her to play with him. 🙂 We are all very excited to have him as part of our family! He loves to snuggle and enjoys the attention. Thank you for putting so much effort into raising quality mastiffs. He is quite a dog!  We will keep in touch as he grows and send some pics along the way. Kathy


We just sent pictures she took yesterday. He’s doing great. Everyone loves him and he seems to love everyone back! He’s growing like crazy.  Vet was real happy with him and remarked at how happy we seemed. Last time he saw us was when he came to our home to put Max to sleep. He knew how badly ours hearts were broken. He told us how good it was to see us smile once again. We feel blessed to have our new baby, our Angus, our joy.


Chip, Thought you might enjoy seeing how our Angus is doing. Here he is with one of his favorite people, our granddaughter Sara. Everyone loves him like crazy and the feeling is mutual. He is such a blessing in our lives.

I love EVERYTHING about him!


Hi Gary, I hope you are well!  I wanted to send an up date of Lord Charles.  He is an AMAZING puppy!  He is gentle, loving and such a good listener already! He is growing quickly and enjoys rolling around in the grass, belly rubs and taking baths!  We’ve received so many compliments on his markings and build.  He passed his first vet visit with flying colors and was so sweet throughout; he has a very docile personality.  I wanted to thank you for this incredible addition to my family, he is truly one of a kind! I’ve attached a few pictures of him. Sincerely, Brittany

Gus our big baby!     Gus is extremely sweet and affectionate well established as a part of the family. He is very smart and doubles in intelligence if he knows you have treats with you.   Overall we are extremely happy with his temperament and will look for you guys again next time we add to the family. Thank you Clayton and Katie

Just wanted to let you know that Kaine (Zeus ) is the best and most lovable baby I could have asked for. He will be 2 yrs old in November and is still a spitfire but i would not want him any other way. Thank You so very much for the opportunity to have my baby boy in my life.


Hi Chip! We wanted to share updated pictures of our baby Titan. He is doing extremely well, and gets to play/visit with his brother Hank Lotito. Titan weighed 133lbs yesterday at the Vet, and continues to get healthy check ups. He is very sweet and very careful with the Grandbabies. Titan enjoys playing soccer and loves running….and getting belly rubs

Thanks again! Evelyn and Daniel Summerville, SC


Just wanted to let you know that Otis is amazing and doing do good. We LOVE him and he is amazing!  I’ll send you a picture.  He is beautiful and has the sweetest eyes! That’s what actually drew me to him in the pictures when he was a pup. He has a gentle spirit and is really sweet! Thank you again for a wonderful companion!



Dear Chip Our Scout, who is 4 years old, just came back from a vet appointment this week.  Healthy and happy as can be,  and probably the prettiest mastiff you have ever seen.  I can’t walk her without cars stopping to chat about her good looks.  She has that same noble carriage that Beau showed in his pictures.  And you may remember, we laughed that she has his personality.  I asked you how to describe Beau’s, and you paused and then replied, “He pretty much does what he wants.”  That describes Scout to a “T”. She’s our noble, protecting, and abiding presence.  I will send a picture if I can remember. Best, Peter Hello. We adopted a mastiff puppy from you guys in 2013. His name is House and he was from Abby with Luv and I’m your Huckleberry born 12/12/12. We are interested in getting another puppy soon. I saw you had a litter recently.    Attaching some picture so you can see how House has grown. He is an amazing dog. Great temperament, smart, and gorgeous. Thank you so much!!! Melissa

Just wanted to let you know that Titan CIA doing extremely well (as is his brother Hank who lives with my son and his family).  The Vet was extremely impressed with him all around (including his bubbly personality).   She could tell he is our”baby” and probably the reason for his personality.  I thought to share some recent pictures of Titan relaxing at home.

Just an update guys. daisy is doing great. She is a complete member of this family, somewhere between our third child and a second mother to our children.


Love our Puppy!

We picked up Willow AKA April in Conway after Christmas- She is a real doll… Our male & female dogs adopted her right away (since they were childless). Our cats are quite comfortable with her now that she no longer attempts to play with them.We love her dearly and are so glad we found her! Sincerely,  Ann Dee & Henry


Hi Chip, just thought you might like to see our sweet boy Thor. He’s the best dog in the world! We love having him as a member of our family. He loves us just as much. It amazes me how loving he is with us and our children. He’s 6 months old And weighs 80 lbs.

Greetings , I hope all is well for you this new year. It has been awhile, but I thought I would pass along a recent Titan picture. He is still a growing boy, and is still as sweet as he can be, which is a good thing because he is still as stubborn as he ever was! We absolutely love him, and enjoy every moment other than when he eats UPS deliveries. But hey, what is a dog to do when it gets left on the front porch. Anyhow, hope you like the pictures. Jeremy

Haywood and I love Wally. He is full of energy. He also is a quick learner; however, he is head strong and we are working on that. He’s very vocal. He makes all kinds of sounds – not just barking – even in his sleep. And he “talks back” if he doesn’t want to do what he is told.   He gets along great with Bella and just about every other dog or person that he meets.  We can’t tell you how many people have asked about getting a puppy like him. We have told them about 2 Ponds.   Thanks for such a wonderful addition to our family. We wouldn’t trade him for the world.


Hi – I wanted to update you on “Bernadette”.  Her (new) name is Lix (started with guitar licks, then moved to the obvious!).  I registered her with AKC today and her official name is 2PK Lix Calli, in honor of her mom.  We are madly in love with Bernadette/Lix.  She is so lovely, so laid back.


My basset hound, who was so deeply wounded by the death of my previous mastiff, has come alive.  They play and roll around on the floor most of the day.  Lix is fearless.  She is a beautifully socialized little pup.  She went to the vet today.  She was micro chipped and started on heart worm protection. Please know how deeply grateful I am to have been able to get Lix from you and that, although I know how hard it must have been to let her go, she is healing hearts here in Columbia.  Take care.  I promise to update you from time to time, and thank your family for nurturing her into the lovely puppy she was meant to be.



Dear Sayre family,

We just wanted to send you a picture of the sweetest, best dog ever!  Joker is now 3 years old.   In the picture, he is enjoying the beautiful weather we had here this past weekend.  We love him so much!  Joker is so much like what we remember Beau to be.  He leans against us, and has to be touching us at all times! We are proud to have one of his beautiful and loving pups. Thanks again for the best dog in the world! Take care!      The DeSimone Family

Hi Chip, Just wanted to let you all know how well Cali is doing. She went to the vet today for her next set of shots and was 16 lbs 4 oz (was 13lbs 2 oz last week at initial visit). She is the SWEETEST dog I have ever met. She is getting along great with our cat, is eating well (obviously), and is slowly getting the hang of house breaking. I am getting accused of coddling her, since she loves to have me carry her around. But I figure I won’t be able to do it for long :). Mike thought she’d take to him best, but it has been decided that she is definatley my baby. I’ll send pictures soon. I’m realizing now why you you didn’t send more before we got her. She is very hard to catch on camera. I have lots of pictures of her tail. Thanks again for selling us such a wonderful puppy! Rebecca I can’t thank you all enough.  Maggie is awesome. It took 2 days to housebreak her    She loves her crate at night and actually we have found her in there during the day when she is tired  She is the most amazing dog. We just love her. Thank you again!!! Ruthe


Big Brutus Bolton has been My sweet baby boy for 3 years now. It has been a true blessing to watch him grow up. Every time I come home he’s there greeting me with a wagging tail and gives me a big Brutus hug. He’s a wonderful protector when he wants to be that is  🙂  Though when he was younger I thought he may be a bit slow he grew up to be so smart.  He loves doing his tricks but only for a treat of course. He had quickly become a part of my boyfriends family as well as a Woodruff celebrity pooch 🙂 Thank you for selling me such a wonderful dog!! Erin


Hi Chip, I bought a Mastiff from you a few years ago Ziva.   I attached a few recent pics of Ziva for you guys to look at. She is doing wonderful, probably the most loving dog I’ve ever been around. Hope all is well! Jimmy


Hi Gary, We hope you all are doing well and had a great Spring Break! We are great! Joker is wonderful. He was a little sad the first few days, but now he fits right in and is part of the family! He is a happy boy. He went for his 9 week check up today at the Vet and he got a great report. We are also going to AKC  puppy training and he is the star of the class. He gets a lot of attention from the teacher because he is so cute 🙂 He is really smart and learning quickly. Potty training is going very well. He has only had a few accidents, mostly when it rains and he doesn’t want to go out. We love him so much. Thank you so much for such a wonderful addition to our family. I’ve attached a few pictures of our handsome boy. Shelly De Simone

Hi Sayre’s! We wanted to keep you all posted and let you know that we are having a GREAT time with Atliss – he is truly a blessing to us all! He is 12 weeks old today and weighs about 36 lbs. He is definitely getting taller now and is using his raised feeder to eat. He eats about 3 cups of food a day and has very few accidents in the house. However, we have had to really work with him on going outside to use the bathroom b/c he HATES the heat. He doesn’t mind wearing his collar, but is not crazy about the leash yet. We are working daily with him on this b/c as you know he’s getting tough to pick up and carry. He sleeps in his crate at night and is really good with that. Sometimes he’ll even go in it just for fun. He still has the towel that you gave us when we brought him home in his crate. He is very protective of Collen which I suspect is going to make disciplining her more difficult! 🙂 He gets along well with Tyten (our Shar-Pei) and stayed with a couple from Beaufort who own 2 mastiffs while we were on vacation. He did great with them and gained about 5 lbs/week while we were gone. Training is going pretty good I think . . . Atliss will sit, come, and sometimes stay. I think that’s pretty good at his age. I am attaching some pictures of him . . . I think you’ll be amazed to see how pretty and how big he has gotten! We’d love to hear from you and thanks for all the hard work you ALL put in with him and his litter! He is just perfect for our family! Sincerely, The Ashley’s

Gary Just a few words about our mastiff.  She is huge, gorgeous, and a complete baby.  Loved by all.   Hope this finds you well. Peter Hi Gary, Just wanted to give you an update. So far he’s adjusting well. He’s starting to eat full meals now and cries when he needs to go out, only 1 accident on the patio. Our son was so excited to see him and chose to name him Baxter. We told him our old dog Simba sent him down from heaven so he wouldn’t be sad and miss him anymore. We gave him a family bath on Friday since he’s going to be an indoor dog. He’s definitely a cuddle bug and stays under my feet! We are taking him this week to the vet for his shots and a check-up. Thanks for your hard work, so many breeders are not preparing puppies for the transition! This seems to help a lot . I’m sure I’ll have many questions along the way, I’ve had dogs growing up my entire life but never one that’s going to be a giant. I’ll keep you guys posted and let your wife know he’s in great hands J We’re excited to have him J Dog is home safe and sound.  She is a peach.  She is almost potty trained already.  Just goes when you leave her in open space so we wont do that.  Seems to be pretty smart as well.   She was around a bunch of dogs up in Tennessee and over the two days she really started to express herself. We will keep you posted on her progress.   Just know that she is in good hands and will be taken care of very well.   As I write this she is sleeping under my desk with  her head resting on my foot. Take care and thanks again for being so accommodating. Carl Gary, Can you let us know when you have another litter. We love Maggie so much we would love  to get her a playmate. We have a 7 y/o English bulldog and they play together but Lola tires a lot quicker than Maggie. Lol. We don’t care what the time frame is. We don’t want to get on from anyone else. :). Thanks !    Ruth Hello Gary Just a little update on Alice (Allie). Bennie and I would like to thank you for the happiness Allie has brought us so far she is such a beautiful and loving puppy. After just losing Saber our8 year old Rottweiler, I did not think we would ever get another dog. Losing a pet is like losing a member of the family. She will be greatly missed. Allie is going to be a great new addition to our family, and she is adjusting very well. We are still working with her on a few things like wearing a collar and the dreaded leash, and going to the bathroom.When we take her outside she finds so many other things that get her mind off of what she was suppose to be doing. She is alittle……well a lot spoiled! She does not like the heat and when she does have to go outside when she comes back in she lays on the vents. Spook our 3 year old cat is a little intimidated by Allie’s size. I am sure it won’t take long for them to become the best of friends. I took Allie to the vet yesterday and everything went great. She weighs 31.3 pounds.Everyone loves her as soon as they see her and always ask what kind she is, and say wow she is going to be a big dog. I will send you pictures and updates as she grows. Again thank you for the opportunity you gave us to share our lives with such a sweet and amazing dog. We both look forwardto all the wonderful times to come in the future. Good Luck and keep up the great work you and your family do at 2 Ponds. Oh almost forgot her registered name is Grady’s 2 Ponds Alice in Wonderland. Sincerely, Bennie and Pamela Goldsboro, NC

Just writing to give you a brief update on the puppy’s transition into our family. First, we named him Polo. We teetered around with a few different names including Simba to match our other female dog, Nala, but Polo seemed to fit him best. Second, he is learning to sit, come and stay quite well, especially when there are treats involved! He loves his biscuits! Third, and most importantly, we love him so much and he is such a joy to our entire family. The kids, Nala, our other family and friends are all so impressed with him that my husband often times has to intervene to get Polo a break from the excitement. He loves to lay around on the cool kitchen floor and take naps. We will be taking him out for his first visit to the park today and I’m really excited. I hope you got the pictures I sent, if not let me know and I will send them again. Take care….Tessie.

Nicole was to the vet today and the vet was very pleased with her.  She is adjusting very well, but cries a lot when she is not being pampered and adored, so I’ve been up since 2 this morning. But really, she is absolutely adorable and doing well. I will be in touch with you from time to time and when my husband gets home, I’m sure there will be some digital photos coming your way! Thank you again for everything, Patty “2 Ponds Layla Grace”  is now almost 7 months old.  She is doing great and a wonderful addition to our family.  She makes friends with everyone she meets and loves all animals.  She is a house dog that loves her bed and our laps, Ouch!  But we have now found the breed that we desire to keep and have. Thanks, Doug Little Hello and Merry Christmas to you and your family, I am sorry that I have not stay in touch better about Abby.  But with kids and everything else I think about it and then something else comes up.  So here we go. You did pick out the sweetest dog with a great personality.  She is great around people and just wants to be petted.  I have found out the hard way the we only take short walks ( several blocks) at a time.  We had walk about 1/2 mile and still had 1/2 mile to get home and she laid down and looked at me like “Ok mom I am done” .  We stayed there about 15 min while she rested.  But she still likes to walk and does great on a leash. She weights 130 lbs and loves to go to the vet because they give her tricks to get on the scale.  Of course they all come up and pet her.  When she stretches out on the floor she is over 6 feet long.  Right now she stands 30″ at her shoulders and 40″  to the top of her head.  Her coat is soft like her moms and the black fur around her face is very soft.  We get all kinds of compliments of her when she is taking out. You will be amazed at how much she looks like her mother. Thanks again for picking out a great dog.  She is a big part of our family,    -Nina

Chip, I was on your website today and was reading the testimonials that there weren’t any from anyone who has had there mastiff for a long time, so I figured I would write one. I got my mastiff from you in early 2007 when he was 8 weeks old and he (Titus) has been the best dog I have ever owned. He loves all people and dogs. I take him everywhere with me and he loves to travel. He has been all over the east coast. He loves the ocean, I’m not sure if it is because of the water or all the attention he gets when he is on the beach. He is almost 4 years old now and I would have to say my only regret is that I wish I would have bought 2 from you to begin with so he would have a playmate. From the day I got him he grew fast and I think he is finally done. He weighs about 190 pounds right now. He hasn’t had one health problem since I have had him and I would recommend your kennel to anyone. I’m sending a picture along I think he looks just like his dad General Beauregard. As you can see from his picture he sleeps with me and I don’t get to much of the bed for myself. Thank you for everything. Brad and Titus

Titus – From 2007

Hi Gary, We couldn’t be happier with Zeus. We love him so much we got another one from you and pick him up in a few weeks. He is so loving and great with my kids. We have a Bloodhound she is my daughters. Now getting a Brindle male from you for my husband who just got back from Afghanistan. The love that comes out of your puppies really adds to any family or single. I can’t imagine my life w/o Zeus. And neither could my kids. Keep breeding these dogs so people like us can make our families complete. Zeus is 1 year 8 months old and weighs 165 lbs. He is 31 inches tall. He has more to grow! I have friends and family that come over just to see him. I don’t go anywhere without him. I look forward seeing you again and picking up McGee. Thanks again, Grace Beaufort,SC


Gary, Beautiful puppies!  I’d like to take this opportunity to communicate with you regarding Winston.  Winston is the sweetest, sweetest beautiful boy.  We love him so.  I could not have imagined an easier, sensitive, intelligent, and gentle addition to our family.  I have attached a photo for your amusement. All the best to you and your family, Susan

******* More Family Photos of our Pups *******