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 Mastiff Puppies

Fawn, Apricot, & Brindle Mastiff Puppies

Our Puppies usually cost $3000 Ea

We completed a planned breeding week of Christmas.  All signs are positive for the breeding taking, so we expect to have a litter whelped on or about February 24th.

This will be a Fawn x Brindle litter

Expecting Dame is brindle partner female “Millie” 

Partner Sire is “Clyde”

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Check our Adult Adoption page for a currently available 5 month old female…


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Our Puppies usually cost $3000 Ea

 Deposits are 50% and must be approved by Two Ponds Kennel prior to any payment.

There is a 5% credit card fee.


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Here at Two Ponds Mastiffs our goal is to provide the healthiest, happiest, most well socialized Old English Mastiff Puppies.  We raise a limited number of puppies but our quality and track record has been great for many years. (see our testimonial page) Our dogs are a part of our family and each puppy is individually raised with a hands on approach from the moment they arrive until they join your family.