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Our Puppies are normally $3500

It is with great disappointment that we must announce that the much anticipated breeding of Mildred and Clyde did not take.  It is not common for this to happen but does on a rare occasion.  Millie had a false pregnancy, which means that she gained fluid weight and actually had some swelling of her mammary tissue, but x-rays confirmed no puppies.   I am sorry for those who have been waiting for news on this litter, but this is why we do not take any deposits until puppies arrive.  Mastiffs can be notoriously difficult to breed, and this is just one of the reasons.

Looking forward we may have another partner litter come available in about 40-50 days, so stay tuned to‘s on this page for more upcoming information.  We plan on having 2 litters coming up for spring of 2021 also.


Deposits are $1500 and the balance of $2000 is due at pick up.

 Deposits must be approved by Two Ponds Kennel prior to any payment being made.


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Here at Two Ponds Mastiffs our goal is to provide the healthiest, happiest, most well socialized Old English Mastiff Puppies.  We raise a limited number of puppies but our quality and track record has been great for many years. (see our testimonial page) Our dogs are a part of our family and each puppy is individually raised with a hands on approach from the moment they arrive until they join your family.