Past Puppies



Here at Two Ponds Kennel our goal is to provide the healthiest, happiest, most well socialized Old English Mastiff Puppies.  We raise a limited number of puppies but our quality and track record has been great for many years.  Our dogs are a part of our family and each puppy is individually raised with a hands on approach from the moment they arrive until they join your family.


Puppies over the years…





Check out our past puppies via the links below.

 Litters of Jan 2024

Grantham x Josie litter of 5-27-16

 Grantham and Dezzy ‘s litter of 9-4-17

Grantham & Josie’s litter of 1-5-18

Grantham & Dezzy’s litter of 3-28-19

Judge and Josie’s litter of March 2019

Judge & Callie litter of October 3, 2019

Clyde & Milly litter of Feb 24, 2020

Grantham and Sibby litter of 4-10-20

Litter of Raven and Gunner August 2021

Grantham and Blueberry Litter of October 2021

Callie and Gunner litter of Dec 25 2021

Raven and Gunner litter of Feb 26 2022

Raven and Gunner litter of Sept 10, 2022

Litter of Gunner and Raven 3-26-23

Litters of January 2024

Gibbs – Sold

Gibbs pics 2 weeks old

Gibbs pics updated 2-6-11 -7 weeks

Abby – Sold



Abby pictures updated 1-23-11-  5 weeks old

McGee – Sold


McGee pics

McGee Pictures updated 1-23-11 -5 weeks

Ziva – Sold


Ziva pics

Zivz pictures updated 1-23-11  – 5 weeks