Gunner Gargantuas of the Darkwoods

Gunner came to us from Arkansas.  He loves to jump and can clear 6 feet. He is very well behaved and protective of our home, but very gentle with all the grand babies. I call him “Lover Boy”, he looks at you with the most beautiful eyes, and such a unique gold color and it just melts your heart.  He loves to try and sit in my lap, thought getting way to big now.  He is currently about 180 lbs, and is a gorgeous apricot with a very dark mask.

He is very active and his favorite thing is to go run and jump in the pond no matter how cold it is outside.  If you give him a treat he will hold it in his mouth and go hide from the girls to eat it, not sure if he is making sure they have theirs first or he fears for his life…LOL    …Kim

Gunner 1 year

Gunner 2 years   158 lbs.