Mighty Titan of Two Ponds

(Partner Stud)

DOB: 11/23/2014

Titan is available for stud services to approved females.  Contact us if you are interested.


For a breed known as “gentle giants” there is no doubt that Titan more than fits the bill. A beautiful Apricot colored giant of a teddy bear, Titan is just as happy lazing at your feet as he is proudly patrolling the homestead to watch over his family. Titan immediately integrated into our own family with his mixture of playful yet content nature.

Titan is loving and devoted to our family of four, with two younger boys who are growing up alongside him. As large as Titan is, he joyfully plays with all members of the family (and our other older dog) regardless of our size differences. And beyond the occasional awkwardness of growing into his own body Titan shows great restraint with the now much smaller boys. Unless the game is soccer, then all bets are off on who gets to the ball first.

As far as temperament goes, Titan displays an excellent combination of easy-going with our family and friends coupled with a healthy level of alertness and attention whenever there are strangers or suspicious persons in the area. Suffice it to say that Titan’s presence is the most effective 4-paw security system we have ever had!

To be fair, Titan did have a moonlighting phase where he thought he was employed by all the delivery services as a “package inspector”, but what else can you really expect when a “normal” package is perfectly chew-sized for you? Even so, Titan has quickly established himself as quite the icon not only within our neighborhood but with delivery agents and even those who pass by frequently.

Put simply, Titan is a stunning creature in all the best ways with appearance and disposition. Titan has also received First Prize and Best in Breed at an AKC sanctioned match. From a health perspective, Titan’s certification from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals that he has NO hip dyspepsia, giving him an official evaluation of “GOOD”. Obviously this is significant, especially in large-breed animals. Of additional note is that beyond routine shots and checkups Titan has had no health problems whatsoever.

Perhaps the hidden gem about Titan and his breeding potential is the not-insignificant fact that he has the absolute least amount of drool we have ever experienced with a Mastiff. Other than immediately after drinking or eating Titan does not display the constant drooling that is so common to the breed. Trust us when we say this is a positive, especially if the dog spends any amount of time inside or in direct contact with the family as they most likely will.