Two Ponds General Beauregard

AKC & CKC registered Male

See Beau’s Pedigree

OFA Health Testing MF-EL3662M24-PI

Beau 3 years old

Beau head shot 18 months

Beau is the epitome of what a mastiff is supposed to be.  He is a guardian and protects his turf,  but is a complete southern gentlemen who prefers the lady of the house.  His demeanor is one of caution and loyalty.  He loves to play and is incredibly strong.  He is sweet and loves attention.  He snores like a freight train.

He is of the finest blood lines, with 41 champions in just the past five generations.
He has an unbroken chain of champions going back 14 generations.

Beau 4 years head shot                                  Beau on guard

7   years                                        Watching over the youngsters

Beau at 7  years                                         Beau and Luci