Shipping Your Mastiff Puppy

There are a few thing to know about shipping a mastiff puppy as regulations have changed in recent years.  Here is a guide to understanding the expense and requirements for shipping your new puppy.


Air Shipping – 

Many airlines have tightened the restrictions for air shipping to the point that some don’t even ship live animals anymore.  Summertime shipping can be difficult to unavailable because of heat restrictions.
We find it easiest to work with Delta Air Lines

Rules for Air Shipping

1.  All puppies must be at least 8 weeks old.

2. For the mastiff breed temperatures must be no more than 75*F  at the time of departure and arrival in both cities.

3. USDA health certificate is required.

4. Airline approved shipping kennel

Cost break down*

Flight (Dash services) $400* , Health Certificate $125*, Kennel $60*, Handling fee $100*

* Prices are subject to change


Ground Shipping

Ground shipping is less desirable because of the confined exposure to other animals and will be quoted on a necessary basis only due to heat restrictions.


Courier Service

Quoted on availability… door to door or meeting you at 1/2 distance.