Adult English Mastiff Adoption

“Commitment to the happiness of the breed”

We  here at Two Ponds Kennel have been raising mastiffs forever and are committed to do so in the future.  From time to time we get calls form folks that have had changes in there life styles that prohibit them from being able to give the care and attention that there adult dogs need and deserve.  Them, being responsible people, search out the best home they can for the dogs they love but can’t keep.  We try to assist them.

Contact us if you think you would like to help by making one of these dogs yours.

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(An adoption fee is applied, depending on the mastiff & situation, to help pay for this website)

Available Adult Dogs

We do have a family that due to life circumstances is unable to keep a female apricot 10 month old mastiff.  Her name is Scout and she is in great health, is well socialized, and is house broken.

Her adoption fee is $1500

She has not been spayed and is up to date on her shots.  She has a wonderful temperament, weighs about 105 lbs and is in need of a loving home.


If you are in a position to Adopt a loving mastiff please Contact Us