Two Ponds Testimonials Page 2

(2017 and Later)


Toby — Tobias Blackfoot of Two Ponds AKC registration came back this week.

Also we had his 12 week check up yesterday great health report from our vet.  12 week shots administered.

Toby weighs 42.6 lbs as of yesterday.   Attached are pictures for comparison of his growth.

Hi Gary,

Our baby turned two. She is truly beloved by our family…hope things are well with you and your family.  Lyla

Hey! This is Holly , Sammy’s mama. I just wanted to send u and updated pic if u need it for your website. He just turned 2 yrs old. He looks just like Grantham! He is truly the sweetest and most loving dog. I can’t imagine life without him. He is now 180 lbs and the Dr said he looks wonderful and strong as ever and wants his weight to stay around 180. Thank u so much for Sammy!

Just wanted you to see how Millie is doing! She weighs 50 lbs!
We love her so much! She is the sweetest, kindest dog.
She has bonded so closely with every member of our family.
She has even gone camping with us!
I forgot to include that picture. I’ll send after this email.
Our lives would not be the same without our sweet Millie. We thank you for letting us have her.
Take care,